Sunday, January 5, 2014

Long time no post

I haven't posted in a long time :(
Since my last post I have been to Hong Kong, paid off $10,000 of debt and got a promotion at work.
I'll do anther post with that on it later. But for now, I'm posting my 2013 finishes.
Technically I had 3 finishes but I'm counting one I finished years ago and then added to this year so I'm making it 4 finishes.

I'm aiming for more finished this year. And more blogging!

My last finish, Marilyn from Noomy Knits. Stitched on a Studio Session from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

This is the one I finished years ago. I added 2 of the babies and my niece and nephews names and a poem. It's Mothers Bliss by Mirabilia. I gave this to my sister for her birthday.

This one is Tulip by Nora Corbett on my own fabric.

And this one is On Grandmothers Quilt by Mirabilia. Stitched on my own fabric. It's is a birth sampler for my nephew (he turned 4 last year) 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A finish, and its Marilyn Monroe!

She is one of my favourite movie stars. As soon as I saw the pattern I had to get it.

I had a rare weekend off last weekend and I realised I literally had nothing to do but stitch. So I did.

She is stitched on 28 count opal Lugana from Colour Cascade Fabrics. It's a Studio  Session(69)
Tammy has amazing fabrics and I think I am becoming addicted to them. But I am dying to dye again. When I get the time, I will.

The pattern is from Noomy Knits on Etsy. She has many different celebrity patterns. I've got 4 more I got off her to do plus there are more I want to get.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been a bad blogger

Unfortunately life has gotten in the way. I work a full time job weekdays and a part time job weeknights and weekends. We have just moved house too so my stuff is all over the place. I have done no stitching. I find it very hard to concentrate when my life is in complete chaos! These were my last 2 finishes. Both went to my sister. The first was Mothers Bliss by Nora Corbett and I added 2 babies there to represent all 3 of her kids. I gave that to her for her birthday. The second is my nephews birth sampler I got framed in time for my sisters birthday, stitched on a custom dye by me

Monday, April 8, 2013

Solution for storing my kreinik!!

I needed something for my kreinik. Boxes, containers etc just wasn't right for me.
I had an idea of a board with nails in it. Then hubby said lets make it pretty. Then I said let's make it a mermaid!
It was not supposed to be as big as it is :) there are over 300 screws to put kreinik on. I'm also using it to hang my gingher scissors on.
Hubby and I drew the mermaid from a silhouette I found online. Hubby cut it out, I sanded it and hubby drilled the holes, painted and put the screws in. He wouldn't let me use his power tools.

The paint is a hammer finish which is for metal not wood but we tried it on a scrap piece and it came out great. I love the effect.
Now she hangs in my craft room.

In the mean time I have gotten NO stitching done. I had trouble seeing and got my eyes tested. Only picked up my glasses on Saturday.
I've also just started at a new practice which is brand new and has to be set up completely. So on top of working there and at the hospital I am pretty run off my feet.
Hoping to get some stitching done this week.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I didn't get to 50 followers but I'll give the fabric away anyway. I put all 3 names in and Maud you won. I'll comment on your blog but if you see this can you please email me your address. My email is


Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Giveaway

I'm going to do a blog giveaway.
Basically, once I get to 50 followers on my blog I will give away a piece of my hand dyed fabric (Colours of the Outback). It is a piece of 28 count hand dyed Monaco measuring 19 inches by 28 inches.
I'll leave the colour as a surprise.
I've only got 10 to go to get to 50 so I'll give it a week from today (so the 22nd of March).
All you need to do is basically share my blog then comment below that you shared and you would like to win the fabric. As long as your a follower of my blog and post below your in with a chance of winning. I'll post worldwide too so anyone anywhere is welcome to enter :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 8 PR Mystery SAL done

Part 8 is now done. I'm attempting to get part 9 done today.
Onto my new start tomorrow. Below is a pic of the fabric and design.
It's Ghost Story from Dark Side of the Moon and ill be stitching her on Colour Cascade Fabrics Purple Haze.