Sunday, January 5, 2014

Long time no post

I haven't posted in a long time :(
Since my last post I have been to Hong Kong, paid off $10,000 of debt and got a promotion at work.
I'll do anther post with that on it later. But for now, I'm posting my 2013 finishes.
Technically I had 3 finishes but I'm counting one I finished years ago and then added to this year so I'm making it 4 finishes.

I'm aiming for more finished this year. And more blogging!

My last finish, Marilyn from Noomy Knits. Stitched on a Studio Session from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

This is the one I finished years ago. I added 2 of the babies and my niece and nephews names and a poem. It's Mothers Bliss by Mirabilia. I gave this to my sister for her birthday.

This one is Tulip by Nora Corbett on my own fabric.

And this one is On Grandmothers Quilt by Mirabilia. Stitched on my own fabric. It's is a birth sampler for my nephew (he turned 4 last year) 

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