Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been a bad blogger

Unfortunately life has gotten in the way. I work a full time job weekdays and a part time job weeknights and weekends. We have just moved house too so my stuff is all over the place. I have done no stitching. I find it very hard to concentrate when my life is in complete chaos! These were my last 2 finishes. Both went to my sister. The first was Mothers Bliss by Nora Corbett and I added 2 babies there to represent all 3 of her kids. I gave that to her for her birthday. The second is my nephews birth sampler I got framed in time for my sisters birthday, stitched on a custom dye by me

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SoCal Debbie said...

What a great sister you are! I'm sure your sister had a fantastic birthday with these wonderful gifts.