Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Passions Ricamo mystery stitch a long

I've managed to finish part 5. The plan is to work on this for 1 week and then a wip another week (or a new start). Part 5 took longer to finish due to work crapola that happened last week and I stressed about it so I'm working on it this week also. But I am doing them in a different order. I think I'm doing part 8 at the moment. Want to do the edges first. I want to try and finish at least 2 more parts this week to try and catch up. I'm only working 1 evening a week until I move to a new surgery in about 3 weeks so I have plenty of time :)
I really want to start something new next week. I'm itching for a new start but also have this sick need to finish my WIPs too!

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Andie said...

This looks fab! I'm thinking of restarting mine, I'm not so happy with my fabric choice........ Can't wait to see your next undate! Whats the new start your iching to do?