Friday, March 8, 2013

Part 7 PR Mystery SAL.

I have skipped part 6 because I am thinking of doing the skin over one (eek).
But I need to get glasses first because I am having a devil of a time seeing even stitching over 2! I seriously even contemplated using aida from now on instead of getting glasses and I hate aida!
But I will have to just give in and get them. I do need them.
This is part 1 to 5 completed and part 7. Now I am working on part 8 and then 9. I am hoping to have both parts done by Sunday night. That's my aim. Then next week I want to start something new and work on that for a week and then back to the SAL the week after. I am enjoying the weekly rotation. And surprisingly I am sticking to it :)
I have pretty much decided my new start, ghost story from dark side of the moon. I only have 1 of her designs but I will be getting a few more shortly. I've stitched one of her freebies and I loved every moment of it.
I am using a fabric from colour cascade fabrics which is a new hand dyed fabric company that has started in Australia. Tammy has wonderful fabrics and I would highly recommend buying from her. She is in Western Australia like me :) she is an awesome lady!
Some have probably seen I am no longer taking orders. While I am not dying to order anymore I will still be having one off fabrics every now and then for sale either on the website or on eBay. So keep an eye out.

I have gone back to medical reception which I love. I find it a really rewarding job. Currently I am working at an after hours clinic until the new doctors surgery I will be working at opens up. After hours medical is really different from day medical. With day medical I seem to form quite a bond
with regular patients, get more involved in their medical needs etc. But with after hours it's less involvement with the patient but the problems are usually serious enough that the patients can't wait for to see their dr the next day but not serious enough for ED.
Last night a guy came in who swallowed his house key the previous night while extremely drunk. Apparently it's now in his colon and working its way out.

Below is my PR progress. Hopefully I can post part 8 and 9 by Sunday night :)
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Rachel said...

You are making some great progress on your PR. :)

I am planning on starting a piece from Dark Side of the Moon as well. :) I am thinking Anemone, the mermaid. I have too many new starts planned in my head, lol, I don't know where to go, haha. :)