Friday, July 20, 2012

Stitching Rituals

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My stitching spot is one of the couches in the lounge. I have a small table on wheels that has drawers in it next to me. On the other side are my WIP's, basket, 4 tiered baskets with wheels.

I usually get to stitch in between dying. In the morning I get hubby off to work, let the dog in and he is my stitching companion for the day.
I make my cup of coffee, sit down and check the computer. Then I do a little cleaning which takes less than 30 mins and then sit down to stitch.
I have my tin that I put my orts in which is tin that had Lindt choc flakes in it.
My gingher scissors (using the Tessa ones at the moment)and either my yellow or green highlighter are next to me. I have 2 pin cushions that I keep my needles in. They are bottletop pin cushions someone made for me.
Usually I watch TV while I am stitching. Normally something I've seen before such as Mash, Big Bang Theory etc. Right now I'm watching Malcolm in the Middle.
I like to have the roller shutters closed, heater on (it's cold here atm)

I don't often stitch after my husband gets home. When he does come home (it's anywhere between 3pm and 7pm) we normally talk, sit together, or have a spa. I cook dinner, wash dishes, I may knit later on. He doesn't like my light on so unless he is in his man cave then I don't usually stitch at night.

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Kasey said...

I have heard and seen people using highlighters to mark their stitching patterns as they go, but I find this a tedious additional step. I like the sound of your routine!!

Loretta Oliver said...

It's interesting how many of us use our stitching time as "me time" alone, it's very meditative.

Melinda said...

New to the blog hop, first month joining. Enjoyed your blog. I just completed this year a WIP True Love II - with tigers, I really enjoyed that project, it was and the detail was great with so little back stitching. Is this your WIP too