Monday, March 12, 2012

3 New Colours

I came up with 3 new colours over the weekend. I wasn't too sure about Henderson Park and last night I had decided to try again but I came home from work this evening and I though, that actually looks good.

The colours below are on Linen

2 of the fabrics have Kiwi names. I got married in Auckland and NZ holds a special place in my heart.
My MIL lived in Henderson and hubby and I would go for walks while she was working and spent time at Henderson Park. We met some lovely New Zealanders there and that is where I ate my first Kiwi Dog and LOVED it!
We spent the day after our wedding at Okahu Bay and it was such a magical time (despite my awful hangover)but some Burger King fixed me right up!

There may be a few more Kiwi names in the future :) But hey, I love NZ! And I have to say I have actually never met a New Zealander that I didn't like!

Henderson Park

Okahu Bay

Sunburnt Country


Andie said...

I love them Mel!
Especially Okahu Bay!!! :D

Marexstitch said...

beautiful fabics