Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New colours!

I put a couple of new colours up. Well, Lollypop isn't a new colour really. I wasn't sure about it but people seem to like it so it's here to stay.
Another one is New for Noah. In honour of my new little nephew Noah. It's only on linen for now until I perfect it on other fabbies.
This one I envisioned for A Midsummer Night's Fairy. I guess that's how I come up with the ideas. I think about what I want to stitch and what it would look good on.
Next I want to concentrate on brighter colours. Blues, pinks, greens. I also want to produce Rosey Glow again, I love that colour (am currently stitching Day Nymph on it). And there is one I want to do which I think Circle of Friends would look great on. I cannot wait to get my fabric and dyes and start creating even more colours.

New for Noah on Linen

Lollypop on Lugana

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Andie said...

Gorgeous!!!! :D