Friday, September 16, 2011

Ryan's Name Tree Ornament Finished

I finished Ryan's name tree tonight. It took me longer to do the beading than the stitching! My eyes are so buggered.

It's stitched with my own Colours of the Outback fabric called Ryan's Playground (28 count Jazlyn). And stitched with Satin hand dyed thread of the same name. I used the same colours for the fabric and floss. The fabric is not in my regular line yet until I try it on other fabrics but it will be soon.


Andie said...

Awesome Mel!!!
p.s if you change your comment settings to pop out more people will be able to comment xx

Sari said...

It is really nice. I like it a lot!!

Shelleen said...

The colors are yummy and he will love it.