Sunday, August 21, 2011

Colours of the Outback is BACK!!

I decided to start Dyeing again. I have made up a Facebook Page which is called Colours of the Outback. So if your looking for Hand Dyed Fabric please like my page and have a look. And also please share with your stitchy mates!

This is how it will work. It's going to be like Silkweaver when they do their Solo's.

Each week I will dye some fabrics. Right now I only have a couple of different ones.
I will also dye floss each week. So each week they will go up for sale. If you would like something, just post a comment under the pic. It's on a first come first served basis.
If you miss out on a piece, don't panic. Let me know and I can dye something similar for you. It will not be exact though as I dye them all individually.

This is how it will work for now. I need to start slow and work my way up. This all may change in the future. You just never know! Or it may stay the same.

If there is enough interest on my blog (for those who don't do facebook) I might start putting some up for sale on here. So if you would be interested, are not on facebook and are a follower (or become one) please let me know and I will considered doing ones just for my blog!

All prices will be in Australian dollars. I will ship worldwide. For international customers I will accept Pay pal. For Aussie, pay pal, direct debit or money order.

There will be contests and giveaways. And if you stitch anything using my floss or fabric, I would love a pic. I will eventually have an annually

Here are a few pieces I've sold already. I am naming all my pieces too.

This one is Stormy. I dyed this specifically for Dark Side of them Moon's Ghost Story (28 count Opal Linen)

This one is called Pinkish Hue (28 count Opal Lugana)

And this one is Deep Blue Sea (28 Count Opal Lugana)

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