Friday, July 15, 2011

A finish! Fairy Bookmark by Passione Ricamo

The picture is a bit wonky. It was stitched on a Polstitches fabric and I can't remember the name of it. Nope I didn't write it down. Oops! Can you believe its my first finish of the year, how lazy am I!
It took me 4 days to stitch. I am having trouble with my wrists, neck and eyes. My wrists get sore when stitching as does my neck and I have trouble seeing sometimes. I do need to get glasses but after forking out over $700 (Bifocals, his eyes are buggered) for hubby's glasses not long ago I need to wait a few weeks.
I haven't finished the bookmark off. I didn't do the whole border but I just need to back it with some felt. I have some sparkly felt somewhere I think would look awesome.

Next I need to start a birth sampler for my nephew. I did one for my other nephew and niece and my sister wants to hang them all in the lounge. Ryan is 2 so I am a bit behind, lol. I picked Mirabilia's On Grandmothers quilt (I think). I'm hoping to start that this weekend.

Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with my sister, mum and sister in law and then we are all going to see the last Harry Potter movie. Looking forward to it.

I am almost finished sorting out my floss. The last few years I got real lazy and just put them in a bag when I finished a project and when I started a new one I bought more(so I didn't have to go through the bag). I ended up with 2 overfull shopping bags FULL of floss and many many many multiples!

That'll teach me for being so lazy :)


Andie said...

What a lovely finsh..... By the look of all those cakes I don't think you've been being lazy! :D The fabric looks like Heavens Above? Have a great time out :D

bells said...

Congrats on your first finish this year Mel! Love the fabby you chose for it! And I can't wait to see progress pics of the birth sampler you'll be stitching. I too am a "little" behind...was supposed to stitch a birth sampler for Lily, and she's now already 1 and a half and I still haven't started!