Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Nymph Progress

Yes, Stitching! OMG!
I have been working on Day Nymph that the lovely Andie sent me for my birthday.

I really am enjoying stitching her.

I did have to frog a lot when I first started but she is coming along now. The pic is of the bottomr part. I seem to have a thing where I start in the middle and work my way down rather than up.

Well most of the time. Sometimes I go up not down.

Med for my TN are not really working. I was on 1 endep tab and the dr said if it doesn't work increase to 2 tabs. I did. Worked for a bit. So I increased to 3. If I take 3 I can sleep, if I don't then I can't sleep. It doesn't help with the pain during the day. It just helps me to sleep.
So now I need to go back to the Dr as the pain is getting worse.

Here is a pic of my progress on Day Nymph.


Andie said...

Oh looks gorgeous!!! I've been trying to decide on a fabbie for mine :D What are you stitching her on? Did the last of those threads arrive?

*hugs* hope the dr can give you something to fix the pain!!

bells said...

Lovely progress Mel!
The fabby you chose is very pretty.

Sorry to hear about all the pain you've been having lately. I hope your doctor can help sort things out.

Big hugs,