Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cake for Charity

I've just realised I never posted a pic of the Christmas cake I made.
My dad asked me to make a cake for his Lions club which is a club that does a lot of Charity work, fundraising etc.
My dad has been with the Lions club ever since I can remember.
Anyway, he asked me to make a christmas cake. He supplied the cake which are lions christmas cakes. The lady who wanted the cake remembers when I decorated a cake many years ago for a competition within the lions club (I won).

Now I was under the impression it was just for the club, maybe going to be raffled off within the club but apparently not. It was going to be raffled off to the public. I only found this out AFTER I finished. I can do a lot better but I guess the depression of losing my job didn't really inspire me.

Just so you know, Santa's legs are handmade (by me) my dad thought I bought them until I told him I made them.

The Christmas tree is made from gingerbread and then iced. I made the angel on top of the tree. The grass on the outside is just green coconut.

And this is the Christmas cake I decorated for us. Just simply done

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Hubby got me a new flashy camera and a dvd (chuck season 2) and for him I got a new motorcycle helmet (a Shoei one) and a dvd (shameless season 2).

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