Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choc Mud Mousse Cake

I call this cake Choc Mud Mousse Cake.
Its a 3 layered mud cake with hazelnut choc mousse and cream in between each layer. Covered in cream. The sides are coated with crushed flake and then piped cream on top with strawberries and in the middle more mousse piped toped with crushed flakes.
With the left over cake I made some rum balls.
I think frenchy would be proud. I call my "boss" the pastry chef at work Frenchy or the Frenchman. He is french and very hard to understand but he is hilarious. He was so proud when I made my first cakes all by myself at work. He even started teaching me how to do fondant roses. And I got "first time, is ok for first time" Which is good in his book because the other apprentice gets "I kill you!" and "You very stoopid, stoopid man"
He is leaving soon and the new pastry chef started this week. She is Aussie and pretty nice. I've only met her a couple of times because I've been home sick with something that has caused me to vomit, cough up all kinds of gross stuff, lose my voice and a headache. Despite it being 35 c I am freezing and shivering.
I think its ok for my first go by myself. I am going to try and do a couple of christmas cakes this weekend. Hopefully I will have some pics for you if I don't stuff it up

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Andie said...

mmmmm! Yum! Can I have one?! :D