Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progress pic of Mermaid of Atlantis

I got a lot more done than I thought I would.

When I went to see the Occupational Health Dr yesterday he suggested that I not sit for hours on end cross stitching. WHAT!!!!!
I don't really sit for long periods of time and stitch now. But thats because of my neck but I used to before.

Other news we managed to get out of this lease, finally! So basically all we have to do is give 3 weeks notice when we find another house which is great.

I go back to full time work next week, I feel so much better. I also went to the store I used to manage in Perth and it looks awful! It is worse than when I took over, she's ruined my store. It was so neat and tidy and organised when I left.
Staff have put complaints in about the manager and they don't like her. I had lunch with one of the girls and when she saw me she ran up to me an hugged me so hard. I really miss them up there. I kind of wish I never left

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