Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some finishes

I finished a few things this weekend. With my neck injury I can't do much and I can't concentrate for too long so it took me a while.

1st: I finished a small cross stitch angel that I am going to make into an ornament for a very special someone. I have a vision of how I want the ornament to look. Whether or not it comes out that way is another story.
Stitched on white opal lugana, the silvery stuff

2nd: 2 dotee doll ornaments. I haven't made dotee's in a while and I am not that good at embroidery but I think they look ok. Someone commented on facebook that they look like earings. I just added some hangers to them.

3rd: A Ruby doll. I did a sort of craft a long with this. Again, I suck at embroidery and sewing but it turned out ok for my first one. I find that with dotee's and other dolls that invisible thread is my friend!
I am giving this to my neice for Christmas. It's made from Faux fur material. She loves fuzzy things.

I am going to rest for the remainder of the day. Physio tomorrow and also the Dr straight after. I might work on some sketches for an ornament I want to do. Again I have an idea for it in my head. Hopefully it will turn out ok.


bells said...

Congrats on all your wonderful finishes! You've been busy girl!

Anonymous said...

The angel is so pretty! The dotee and the ruby doll are cute. Unfortunately my sewing skils aren't that crash hot but I'm hoping to try a dotee in the new year!